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“DAMMMNN DANIEL! Back At It Again With The White Vans”

Every so often, a new Vine appears on our social media newsfeed; whether it be on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, it will always find its way. In February, one video compilation that stirred everyone positively, and negatively, was “DAMMMNN DANIEL!” Several social networking users didn’t find this six seconds of fame for this kid “Daniel” to be funny.

During the month February, I collected all of the DAMMMNN DANIEL remixes created by Jersey Club producers, for this moment solely. Here’s to every brave audio engineer who decided to make something out of the kid Daniel, and let’s not forget his friend, Josh, who is hyping him up for wearing white Vans.

If you feel that we are missing some of the best remixes and club edits of this eminent meme, please let us know in the comment section.

Ebony Anderson-Brown, Editor in Chief