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“This release is a capsule of a selected favourites I’ve made over the years. I really wanted to put out a project featuring the many remixes I’ve made and really showcase the different flavors of Jersey Club music.” These were the exact words said by DJ J Heat in an interview to Dan Fisher, which was featured in Vice’s Thump, on his release with CLUBJERSEY and its new collection series, Jersey Club 101.

It’s pretty straightforward to understand the aesthetic DJ J Heat was going for when picking and choosing the tracks for this collaborative effort. In fact you can narrow it down to two key ideas. 1) Educate those who are not aware of the thought process when producing a Jersey Club song, and 2) give a little something to “people who love and respect the culture.”

The release consists of 12 tracks with remixes of songs like Big Sean’s Blessings and Drake’s Back 2 Back Freestyle which can be easily dated back to mid 2015. After intently listening to the full the track list, I noted my top five favorites, that others can attest to.

Moments in Love, a three minute remix of the song created by Art of Noise, which was released in 1984. I believe that it did the original song justice by keeping its subtlety, while at the same time, providing you with those common bed-squeaks and claps you tend to hear in club edits.

When it came to Big Sean’s Blessings, J Heat remains constant with the theme, Jersey Club 101. In other words, if I were to give a Jersey Club lesson to someone and show them the elements that go into a club track, I would play this song. His choice in vocal sampling compliments the original song and it’s agenda to inform others of his success. I’m way up, I feel blessed!

B2B starts to pick up the pace, leaving you with the urge to do a little footwork. Am I right? This remix on Drake’s diss track was in fact, A-1.

After listening to his remix of Jhene Aiko’s The Worst, the first thing that came to mind — something for the ladies! You can correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s what I perceived of this track. It gives off this soft tone and a steady paced melody.

One collaborative track that spoke out to me was Faded, a future house song by ZHU. This collab track between J Heat and Lido was satisfying to the ear. It was very smooth and left me with the thought of togetherness.

Each of DJ J Heat’s tracks on CLUBJERSEY’s series, Jersey Club 101, follows this criteria to inform the public of club music and it’s quality through production, J Heat’s particular style technique and collaborative effort.

You can download the tracks at, CLUBJERSEY Bandcamp